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My Life with Cerebral Palsy

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Riley Myles

Living with Cerebral Palsy
Riley Myles

Growing up with cerebral palsy has shaped me in many ways. Cerebral Palsy is a permanent condition caused by damage to the developing brain that impacts muscle tone, movement, and motor skills. For me, it mainly affects my legs and balance.

I wasn't diagnosed with CP until I was three years old. Looking back, there were signs when I was a toddler - I was slow to walk and seemed clumsy compared to other kids my age. I finally got the diagnosis; it was almost a relief my parents to have an explanation for my difficulties.

Living with CP comes with physical challenges, of course. I walk with a limp and have limited use of my left leg. I avoided sports as a kid because my lack of balance made me self-conscious. Simple things like climbing stairs or carrying heavy objects can be tough for me. But it's also motivated me to stay active and work on improving my strength and stamina.

Beyond the physical aspect, CP has shaped my personality and perspective. Having a disability forced me to mature quickly and become independent from a young age. I learned to advocate for myself in many situations when I may have needed accommodations. It also gave me empathy for other people facing challenges.

While CP has limited me in some ways, it has never stopped me from pursuing my dreams. I have been able live independently, drive, and raise my beautiful child. I know CP will always be part of me, but it does not define everything about me.

My CP journey has had ups and downs, but I'm proud of the person I've become. Having a disability has given me inner strength, resilience, and a unique point of view on life. I hope by sharing my story, I can inspire others with CP or other disabilities to keep chasing their dreams. The path may be bumpy at times, but it's worth it.

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