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Support Coordination and the NDIS: How it Works

Support Coordination and the NDIS: How it Works

Support Coordination Services

If you receive funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), you may be wondering about support coordination and how it can help you. Many NDIS participants choose to use support coordination to help manage their plans. Here’s an overview of what support coordination involves.

What is Support Coordination?

Support coordination is a service funded by the NDIS to help participants put their NDIS plans into action. Support coordinators work closely with NDIS participants to:

  • Find and connect with services and supports.

  • Ensure those services are meeting the participant’s needs.

  • Schedule and coordinate services and providers.

  • Assist with managing NDIS plans and budgets.

  • Identify any plan gaps or required changes.

  • Provide information on available supports and workshops.

  • Help participants build skills for self-management.

A good support coordinator acts as a central point of contact between providers, the NDIS, and the participant. They help “join the dots” to ensure NDIS participants understand their NDIS plans.

Deciding If You Need Support Coordination

Support coordination is included in many NDIS plans, but it is not mandatory. You may choose to utilise support coordination if:

  • You need help connecting with providers and negotiating services.

  • You feel overwhelmed with NDIS processes and paperwork.

  • You need assistance coordinating multiple providers.

  • You would like help building capacity to self-manage your plan.

  • There are significant changes in your life or circumstances.

  • Your needs are complex and involve many different services.

Support coordinators are especially useful when you are new to the NDIS. They are able to guide you through the initial plan rollout.

Finding the Right Support Coordinator

If Support Coordination is funded in your NDIS plan, you can search for providers in your area. Look for Coordinators with expertise relevant to your situation. Interview potential coordinators to find one you feel comfortable with.

Support Coordination plays an important role in ensuring NDIS participants understand and fully utilises their plans, with the right Support Coordinator guiding the way, you can access the services you need to reach your goals.

Do you need Support Coordination? Ask Hunter Valley Support Services about connecting today.

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